Real World Explosion

Airs Wednesdays at 10/9c

Oh my gosh! Can we just have a minute to talk about to absorb this new season of the Real World? I am at a loss for words right now. That episode was crazy, and to top it off things are going to get crazier. SPOILER ALERT If you have not seen the episode STOP READING NOW!!!!!!

 I have already picked a favorite cast member. But due to the nature of the Real World that might change. However for the time being I think Arielle is cool as hell. She seems super laid back and really chill. My favorite guy in the house is Thomas. He is an absolute cutie but I can only imagine how things are going to go with him in the house. He was pretty under the radar last night, let's see how long this lasts.
The hot mess of the house is Ashley. The girl should really stop drinking because she does not know her limit. She says and does things that are completely out of line (drunk or not.) Throwing a hot burger at someone is not okay EVER. The dramatics that followed that were completely unnecessary.
The person that needs to have a seat is *drum rolls* Jamie. She had no business telling Ashley's "boyfriend" that she was seeing someone else. She should have stayed in her own corner or gone in her room and read a book. Saying that she was cheated on and could not watch that happen was out of place. If she really felt that bad, she should have waited until the morning when Ashley was sober and discussed it then.
Why did you do that moment of the episode was Cory and Ashley. Cory knows better and he just had issues with Ashley the night before. Glad he moved on but was it really a good idea to make out with her? Yeah, I did not think so. But he gained his sense back when that burger was mid air right before hitting Arielle in the face.
Keeping my eyes on Jenny. One of the first things she said is that Los Angeles has made her wild. She is originally from Kansas City, Missouri (big change in scenery.) Plus her instant attraction for Cory because he looks like her ex does not sound like it will go over well. I am ready to see her on-again off-again ex move into the house.
The last person in the house is Jay from the Bronx. I do not have much to say about him except he seems to still be involved with his ex. They talk regularly and all this other stuff...but didn't he say they broke up. For the purpose of a title he is single and sleep with whomever he would like. However he is still emotionally involved with his ex. I can not wait to see what happens when she moves in the house. I am so exited.
This is going to be one crazy season of the Real World. It did not get the name Real World: Explosion for nothing. In case you did not know the Real World: Explosion airs Wednesdays at 10 pm. If you watched the season premiere, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Alexandria Skye