Floyd Mayweather Versus 50 Cent

At the peak of the ALS Ice Challenge, 50 Cent challenged Floyd Mayweather. However, 50 Cent did not challenge Mayweather to dump a bucket of ice water on himself, instead he challenged Mayweather to read a page in Harry Potter. 50 Cent then went on to modify the challenge and said Mayweather only needed to read a page from The Cat in the Hat. I highly doubt that Mayweather will accept this challenge. There is a video with Floyd Mayweather attempting to read a drop for Power 105.1. It takes Charlamagne Tha God ten seconds to read the same drop that Mayweather struggles to read for about two minutes.
Illiteracy is not okay on any level. While higher education is not for everyone, elementary, middle and high school are. What makes Mayweather's situation worse than most is that he could be getting screwed out of millions. There could be all kinds of clauses in his paperwork that lead to his fall. He obviously hires people to take care of his business. Those same people could be taking money from him and he would never know. Maybe he will use this as motivation to get a tutor and learn to read. 

See the video of Floyd Mayweather attempting to read a drop for Power 105.1 below.

Alexandria Skye