Heidi and Spencer

Who could forget Heidi and Spencer Pratt from MTV's The Hills? Spencer is best known as the villain of the show and the reason Heidi and Lauren are no longer friends. The couple is back and doing more reality shows, it is not like they have actually stopped. They were on Wife Swipe over the summer. 
Heidi swapped with Olympian Amanda Beard. Heidi enjoys living a vacation lifestyle and Amanda enjoys her family oriented lifestyle. Heidi was having a hard time with Amanda's lifestyle but Heidi grew up in the mountains. Heidi has really let the fame get to her head. I remember when she went home on the last season of The Hills and going to a very rustic place. 
The show also exposed Heidi's desire to have children and Spencer's desire to live young and carefree for as long as he possibly can. Most relationships where one person really wants kids and the other does not, do not work out. Hopefully he is just saying that for television. If not, I hope Heidi leaves him so she can have children before she gets too old to have them. Heidi does not seem to be as strong as she was when The Hills first started. Spencer writes the rules in their relationship and she follows. We will just have to wait and see what happens with the twosome. 

Alexandria Skye