Hair Love

I am a huge fan of Tracee Ellis Ross. She is extremely talented and well known for her role as Joan Clayton on the hit series Girlfriends. She is now on the ABC series Blackish, as Rainbow, a doctor that was raised by hippie parents. I love that Tracee constantly portrays strong women. She portrays strong women because she is a strong woman. She is a strong woman that likes to have fun and laugh. Tracee has a YouTube channel where she makes a variety of videos. Some of her YouTube videos are hilarious, especially her series where she interprets rap lyrics.
Other videos are a little more serious and discuss personal development topics. One of my favorites is her video about hair love. She discusses how it was a journey for her to long her natural hair. Natural hair is a huge movement. Women are cutting off their hair and letting it grow without putting chemicals in their hair to modify the texture. A lot of people start the journey thinking that they are going to have hair like various celebrities and they do not. The decision to go natural should not be to have hair like Tracee Ellis Ross or SZA or Erykah Badu. It should be about growing strong, healthy hair. At the end of her video, Tracee challenges everyone to say five things that they love about their hair.
I am going to share with you all five things that I love about my hair. 1 I love that my hair is thick. Since I was little, I have had extremely thick hair. While it takes forever to straighten, I love it. I would not trade my thick hair for thin hair. 2 I love that my hair is strong. My hair is strong just like I am. 3 I love that my hair holds styles and curls. I know that I can do something to my hair in the morning and it will last all day. 4 I love the color of my hair. This probably should have been my number one. I have never put any color in my hair and it is a gorgeous shade of brown. The front half of my hair is lighter than the back. I lighten my hair by going in the sun. That seems almost too easy and it is a lot less damaging than hair dye. 5 I love how obedient my hair is. I did not always think this but I have learned which ways work best with my hair. Certain styles work better when my hair is still went and others work when my hair is dry. This is something that has taken time but my hair and I have an understanding.
I have posted the video below. Watch it and let me know what you think. In the comments let me know five things you love about your hair.

Alexandria Skye